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Issue 1: Small/Mid

This was a decent issue, although I don’t have much to say about it. The air transport companies were a mixed bag; some terrible, some not bad at all with consistent operations. As should be expected out of the smaller … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Applying it All

I remember back to the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting in May of 2010 and chuckle to myself… there were many great moments that stick out, but there is one in particular that I want to discuss. A man heads up to … Continue reading

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Issue 12: Small/Mid

Didn’t go through nearly as many companies to finish this issue; I stayed away from the computer software/services industry. My friend’s father is a major player in that industry and I’ve already taken a look to know that it isn’t … Continue reading

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Hallmark Financial: Wrong & Sold Out

Although I haven’t yet written an article about my selling strategy, one of the reasons I will sell is because my initial analysis & reasoning was wrong. With Hallmark Financial, I feel as though I made a mistake. The latest … Continue reading

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Issue 11: Small/Midcap

This issue had a lot to offer. The publishing industry, as you might guess, has some pretty terrible economics behind it (except for those who also provide business services).  I found it quite interesting to see the companies that deal … Continue reading

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Commentary on Current Positions

Cash Position: 22.1% Noble Corp: 34.6% Aeropostale: 27.4% Hallmark Financial: 13.6% Berkshire Hathaway: 0.7% Noble Corp: If you haven’t already heard, Noble is being added to the S&P 500 on Friday this week (article).  This should do well to help … Continue reading

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Issue 10: Small/Midcap

This was a very interesting ValueLine issue for me.  What I found in this issue was the Petroleum Producing industry is one characterized by low working capital needs, high returns on assets (in general), and a constant need to overspend … Continue reading

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