Farewell- It’s Been Fun

That’s my attempt at waving goodbye in a picture, take it or leave it I guess haha. Figured my readers may be interested in what I look like, although I’d hope it doesn’t matter for what I’m writing or how you interpret it.

My roommate’s father recommended to me, at the beginning of this past school year, to start an investment blog because it would help me meet people. I almost didn’t take his advice, but I’m glad I did. Writing in a public forum and getting feedback on my ideas has been invaluable.

It’s been an interesting journey the past 9 months or so. About 5 of you reached out and we’ve shared research notes, becoming friends, or at least colleagues/acquaintances. And, I’m glad to write, we are still collaborating today; this was the greatest thing I’ve gotten from the blog.

About 20 of you kept me on my toes at one point or another for my analysis; for this I’m grateful, it helps point out flaws in my thinking (nobody is perfect, I’m definitely still learning).

And with that, I guess it’s goodbye….

Just kidding! I’m launching a new site with a friend I met at IU, one of the most talented people I’ve met at the school, and we’re collaborating on a small LLC together in which we pooled our capital. I provide the in-depth research and valuation; he keeps very aware of emerging trends in the market and has been a trader for the past few years. He knows the options, futures, and international markets, as well as the dynamics behind some of these transactions (how they’re filled, shorting, option pricing). So, with every position we take (almost all of which is long-term stock holdings), we both consider it with different backgrounds and attempt to take advantage of option pricing when the situation warrants it.

The new website is:

theSTreport.com (Schneck-Thomas Report)

My first post is on Reading International, a cinema operator mixed with a real estate developer. I will warn you, it’s quite long, even for me. You can see my post here:


Thank you for all your support, criticism, curiosity, humor, hard work, and above all, for reading my work. It’s been awesome and I plan on continuing it. I’ll leave this blog up for my past posts and to reference from time to time, but I don’t think I have a reason to post on here again- everything new will go on theSTreport.

Being a businessman, I figured you’d like this as well- a small part of the decision to start a new site was the ad revenue. Not to mention owning my own domain name; it appears much more serious/professional for your own website as an investor just getting started (or so I hope).


About Andrew Schneck

I am a value investor focused on misunderstood securities and industries, with an eye for long-term stock ownership.
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