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SolarCity Part I: Chanos Wrong on Dell, Again Wrong on SolarCity

“The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.” Before starting this post, I just want to point out this quote. In order to disprove erroneous ideas and improperly understood facts, … Continue reading

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Valuation: Thinking Like an Owner

One area academics seem to confuse significantly is the subject of valuation. Sitting through my finance courses in colleges did little, if anything to help solidify my views on how to value a business. Theoretical models of discounted cash flows, … Continue reading

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The Source Of Campbell Soup’s Competitive Advantage: Weight

I like to get creative when I study companies. Whether it’sĀ getting inside management’s head as it relates to allocation of capital, or simply reading the footnotes to the financial statements, I often connect data points that can point out interesting … Continue reading

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Mohnish Pabrai is BACK

I attended my first Mohnish Pabrai hedge fund shareholder meeting in the Fall of 2010, two years roughly after getting interested in the stock market. When I went, I was enamored with Mr. Pabrai and believed him to be a … Continue reading

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Back from the Dead

I won’t go into it, but my health has been very poor. And although I haven’t posted much work to the Internet over the past few years, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. So, rather than start a new … Continue reading

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