This is a list of my research and the prices I think are worth buying at.  I own stakes in most of the companies listed.  Check out the articles and give me your feedback!

Noble Corporation–  6/9/2010- $7.5 B ($29.75/share)
Updated– 11/10/2010: $9 B ($35.70/share)
Updated Again– 3/17/2011: $11 B ($43.61/share)
Used to be quite passionate about this company, I learned later to avoid such capital intensive and destructive businesses.

The Buckle, Inc.– $1.1 B ($23.60/share) 8/26/2010
Sold out at $34 per share. A nice quick rebound in the share price. Sold too soon.

Aeropostale Inc.– $2.2 B ($23.75/share) 10/9/2010
Sold at a major loss. Big mistake.

H&R Block–  $2.9 B ($9.40/share) 11/11/2o1o
Never purchased (price didn’t get low enough, big mistake)

Hallmark Financial– 12/5/2010: $180 MM ($9.00/share)
Sold Out- was wrong with my analysis 1/14/2011

Cybex Int’l– 2/18/2011: $13 MM ($0.73/share)
Sold Out-  should have held this one, decided wasn’t worth speculating

Netflix– 4/26/2011: $12.3 B ($228/share)
Covered – was short (and right, for a time), but covered at a slight loss due to emotional weakness regarding shorting


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